We supply, fit and recondition power steering components including pumps, boxes, pinion units and racks. Our turn-around times on reconditioning racks/pumps is about 48 hours, subject to availability of parts.

It’s hard to imagine driving without power steering these days, but without maintenance and follow up of signs it’s not working well, you could find yourself without it unexpectedly while on the road. Thankfully, most common faults that occur in power steering units can be quickly repaired if acted upon early.

If you notice your power steering is playing up, a whining sound from you car, or even a complete loss of power, bring your car in and our experienced team will carry out a thorough inspection and repair of the unit so you are back on the road in no time.

Spotting a fault with your power steering is crucial to minimising a complete failure of your power steering.

Typical problems that occur with power steering units include:


Most common among power steering faults is leaking. If you experience your car whining and it gets worse over a few days or weeks despite topping up your fluid, it’s a tell tale sign you have a leak. If left unchecked, your power steering may one day completely stop working, in which case you may have blown a seal.

Faulty Steering Rack, Pump or Box

In more severe cases, your power steering unit may require parts to be reconditioned or replaced due to failure. Where possible, reconditioning your unit is most desirable.