If you love high horsepower, Automac is the place to go for an upgrade to a high performance gearbox.

Factory gearboxes are only designed to handle street driving. If you’re planning on using a factory gearbox for track racing, drag racing or drifting it will likely fail on you. You’ll need a performance gearbox.

If you’re thinking about an upgrade, give Stew a call to discuss what you need. These are the questions he’ll ask you:

What type of car is the gearbox for?

What horsepower does the car have? (This will impact on how far Automac can go with building what you need.)

What type of driving are you doing and what will you be using the car for most of the time? If you’re using the car for 80% street and 20% drag then Automac will set the gearbox up accordingly. If the performance gearbox is purely for drag racing, then it will be set it up differently.

Drive it Hard

The harder you plan on using your car (i.e. the more performance and more horsepower you need) will determine the type of gearbox parts required. If the vehicle is going to be driven hard then the best available tough, reliable parts will be used for your performance gearbox. We also offer a process whereby parts can be cryogenically treated, which is a process using liquid nitrogen to refrigerate steel, aluminium, and copper alloys, cemented carbides, plastics and other materials to dramatically increase wear life. Visit www.cryogenicswest.com.au to further investigate the process of cryogenically treated materials.

We can adapt to your budget

Your budget will also impact the type and range of components we can use to build your performance gearbox, so don’t be afraid to tell us how much you want to spend. That way we’ll know what constraints we’re working with up front and you won’t get any surprises.

Custom Built

We have a list of standard transmission parts we use when building a performance gearbox. When we plan your specific gearbox needs we will add custom options to improve the performance of your gearbox. Your high performance gearbox will be built specifically to your needs.

Common performance upgrades

The most common gearboxes we upgrade include F250’s, which are capable of towing a combined weight of 9-10 tonne, BA Falcon Turbos and V8s, Gen3 and later, Commodores, and old school Holden and Ford restorations.

At Automac, we’re experts in performance gearboxes and we have most parts you’ll need in stock or through our local suppliers. If you have a quote for a gearbox upgrade already feel free to give us a call for a chat, you may be surprised about how much more we can offer!