At Automac, we are passionate about F250’s and have developed modifications to assist in making your transmission tougher. We carry out heavy-duty upgrades to the automatic transmissions and extra low stall billet, triple clutch lock-up torque convertors, which we build in-house as well.  We also carry stock of the F250 transmissions and torque convertors at all times. Our extensive experience with these vehicles is proof that we know what we are doing, and we are proud to call ourselves F250 specialists.

We highly recommend an additional transmission B&M thermo cooler to the factory fitted unit, which we run independently to the original cooler and by-pass the radiator.  This has a very positive effect on the running temperature of the vehicle, which in turn will assist with the longevity of your transmission. We carry B&M extra large thermo transmission coolers in stock.

We own and operate 3x 5 tonne hoists and 2x centreless 2-post hoists from Germany that are capable of easily lifting F250’s and a drive on 4 post hoist. Automac is dedicated to maintaining a safe working environment and to ensure safe lifting, we have modified the lifting arm to specifically cater for F250’s.  This not only ensures the safety of our workers, but also of your vehicle.